Aquatherm Now Offers Copper Sweated Transition Fitting

Aquatherm transition fittingAquatherm, a manufacturer of polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping, teamed up with Sioux Chief to offer a PP-R to copper sweat fitting.  This transition piece now makes it easier to connect Aquatherm to smaller copper branches.  They come in 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ diameters and range from 11 to 18 inches in length.

Aquatherm utilizes heat fusion to make PP-R to PP-R transitions.  Different methods of heat fusion include socket fusion, outlet fusion, butt welding, and electrofusion.  PP-R is made from chains of hydrogen and carbon.  When two pieces are heated up to 400F and pressure is applied, the molecules from each piece form a solid connection.  The video below further illustrates how heat fusion works.

PP-R piping is slowly gaining traction as an alternative to CPVC, steel, and copper pipe.  Some advantages include:

– Longevity:  PP-R does not react with water so there is no corrosion or rusting

– Low Friction Factors:   Save on pumping energy

– No flame needed: The fitting process makes for a safer and faster install

– Cost effective: From a material standpoint, it is 30%-40% cheaper than copper.  Closer in price to Steel and CPVC.

PP-R is available in large diameters (Aquatherm offers up to 24″) and I think this is where the product will be most effective as installations become more common in the US.