How to Properly Support PEX for Distribution Piping

Polyethylene cross-linked (PEX) tubing is making its way into the larger diameter hydronic and plumbing distribution applications.  Although most commonly associated with radiant floor heating and diameters under 1″, some PEX manufacturers now have 20ft. straight length pipe available up to 4″.  Replacing copper with PEX is a great way to save material and labor costs.  Although copper is most often the standard, a PEX alternate is likely to come across your desk in the future.  Here’s what you need to know about the proper installation of PEX-a distribution piping.


PEX-a Pipe Support

– Use galvanized pipe support to allow hanger placement similar to that of metallic pipe

– Insert pipe support onto PEX before hanging

– For 1/2″ or 3/4″ PEX piping: maximum unsupported pipe distance is 6 ft.

– For 1″ or above PEX piping:  maximum unsupported pipe distance is 8 ft.

– Near a PEX fitting: maximum unsupported pipe distance from fitting to pipe support is 18 inches

– For ASTM E84 plenum applications: maximum unsupported pipe distance is 18″


Photo Courtesy of Uponor