Carrier Releases “Cor”, a Smart Thermostat, at CES

carrier-COR-smart-thermostatAt CES this week, Carrier unveiled a new smart thermostat called “Cor”.  It has a 3.5″ color touchscreen with user friendly icons.  According to a press release, Carrier’s marketing director wants this device to be “the heart of a smarter home”.  The name Cor means “heart” in Latin.

Like all things smart, the homeowner has the ability to make changes via mobile and tablet apps, or desktop devices.   The Cor is not proprietary to just Carrier equipment. It is designed to be compatible with most other brands.   The Cor boasts 20% energy savings,  detailed energy reports,  energy-efficiency tips, and a 5-year warranty.

HVAC manufacturers are increasingly realizing how a thermostat can create a powerful brand recognition.  The air handler may not always match the name on the thermostat, and it does not matter.  The front end device has the ability to be a gateway into the rest the home for other equipment upgrades and replacements.  It appears that Carrier wants their own certified technicians to install the thermostats.  This should allow Carrier to have a good hold on quality control and continued influence in the home.

Photo Courtesy of Carrier