AO Smith Optimizes Tankless Product Line, Discontinues ATIO-710

AOS_ATI0_710_NAO Smith, America’s largest water heater manufacturer, has stopped production of the ATIO-710.  Jeff Ogan, Product Manager of AO Smith’s On Demand Products, wrote in a note to representatives that “the performance of the ATI0-540 condensing heaters is a perfect, high-efficient replacement for the 710 series”.  He goes on to add that the flow rate outputs are nearly identical.

The 540 model is a condensing heater with a .95 Energy Factor.  The input is only 180,000 BTU/hr compared to 240,000 BTU/hr for the 710.  It does appear however that the 540 is a Category IV, double pipe direct vent system, whereas the 710 is a Category III, singe pipe system.

AO Smith 540 710

Photos Courtesy of AO Smith