Daikin Releases Wireless Control For Rooftop Units, Intelligent Equipment

Daikin Intelligent EquipmentAt the AHR Expo two weeks ago, Daikin showcased a less expensive alternative to traditional BMS. It’s a cloud-based solution called Intelligent Equipment that delivers data and analytics via the web or mobile device.  Customers can remotely monitor and control a number of Daikin’s rooftops including the Rebel, Maverick II, and RoofPak.  Intelligent Equipment displays graphics, live refrigeration and energy consumption data, setpoints, and financial payback.

The product is a result of collaboration between Wind River, Intel, and McAfee. Daikin plans to eventually incorporate Intelligent Equipment across all Daikin products. This is a sleek, cost-effective solution for buildings only using compatible Daikin equipment. The detailed focus on the equipment makes it a very useful tool for proactive maintenance.  It remains to be seen how this might work in conjunction with other mechanical systems and controls.

Intelligent Equipment

Photos Courtesy of Daikin